Sow & Grow

Starting at $432 for 30 trays 15 minutes

72 plug tray
Easy to plant Ellepot liner plugs
Organic biodegradable liner paper
OMRI Certified inputs
Minerally balanced blend
Biologically charged soil


– 30 tray minimum per variety, up to 500 trays per day.
– Reservations are made in 10 trays per slot increments.
– Maximum 50 bookable slots per day.
– If you require more slots, reserve the maximum available for the day selected, then select the next day for the remaining slots required.
– 50% deposit required for booking.
– Seeds must be delivered 7 days prior to sowing reservation.
– Seeds will be counted at time of intake to determine total seeds to sow.
– Final payment for sowing service will be determined based on actual seeds sowed.
– Actual total of trays delivered may be slightly higher due to inconsistencies in tray sowing


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