We produce our feminized seeds with a process of manipulating female plants to create only female pollen (xx) by inhibiting copper absorption in the plant. This is accomplished by spraying the female “pollen donor” plants with a Silver Thiosulfate (STS) solution. We carry out this process inside of pollen safe greenhouses, and indoor facilities, utilizing appropriate PPE and environmental protections.

The majority of our seed production is carried out in pollen proof greenhouses. We also have one cultivation/breeding site several miles from any other Cannabis cultivation sites, off the grid, high in the Cascade Siskiyou mountains outside of Ashland. Here we produce feminized seeds at a high elevation which is valuable for testing cold resistance and the cultivars ability to thrive in a fully outdoor/field environment. We utilize primarily female clone plants for seed production to ensure the highest levels of uniformity in our offspring, and mitigate the potential of pollen leak from sneaky males or hermaphrodites which is a possibility with seed plants.